An expired passport will ruin your travel plans.

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Did you know many countries require up to six months remaining on your passport when you return home? That's why when your passport's set to expire within a year, we send you an early alert. FAQ here.

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When you do remind me about my passport expiring?
We fire off alerts at various intervals prior to your passport expiring: 1 year, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, 10 days, day of expiration, & 30 days past.
Can I stop the passport reminder alerts?
Sure, you can discontinue the alerts in two ways: click Edit to change the expiration date on your passport so our alerter can stop freaking out, or click the Remove button. You can also switch how you are alerted at any time. We want to remind you, not annoy you.
Do you share my personal information?
Nope. Not unless we're forced to by or law enforcement or other reasons where we are legally bound by the justice system (subpoena, court order) ... Hasn't ever happened, but there, we said it.
Will you email/text message me ads or annoying offers?
This one's easy — NO. Only alerts about your passport. We might throw a bit of advertising in the alert emails someday, but we'll never send you an email unless it's about your passport expiring. No text message ads ever.
How do you make money off this wildly fantastically amazingly useful site?
We don't. In fact we lose a bit — text messages cost $$$$. In fact, sending LOTS of text message alerts kinda hurts the ol' wallet. But think of all the people it helps. We run — we like helping people.
But... But... I have other questions...
Sure, & we'll see what we can do for you. If you expect or demand a fast response, make sure you bribe appropriately. It's a free service. Feel lucky it even works! This FAQ is icing on the cake.

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